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Achieve, Believe, Care and Dream

Term 5

Where the wild things are!


This term got off to a flying start as we boarded a plane to the Amazon rainforest! We had to check in, fasten our seatbelts and listen carefully to the safety demonstration before take off. The children were so excited to see the view from the cockpit on our big screen, whilst enjoying some in-flight refreshments! After landing, we explored the different layers of the rainforest, all the way from the forest floor to the top of the emergent layer!


The children came up with some great questions about the rainforest which we are looking forward to investigating and hopefully finding out the answers in the coming weeks!


"Who discovered the rainforest?"

"What is the rainforest like in the winter?"

"What different types of snakes live there?"

"How tall is the tallest tree?"

"What if we didn't have rainforests?"

"Where are all of the rainforests in the world?"

"How does anything grow when the canopy layer blocks out so much light?"