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Achieve, Believe, Care and Dream

Term 6

'Saving our World'
The children have been blown away this term as they have been learning about the amount of plastic pollution in our world. They were shocked to see pictures of the damage it is doing to our oceans and the beautiful sea life living in them. So far, they have planned a local park litter pick, started making 'Eco Bricks' to save our own plastic waste and have been writing letters and making posters to tell people about the importance of recycling and NEVER dropping rubbish on the floor. They are all so passionate about helping to clean up our planet and 'saving the world'. So proud of them.
Wriggly Roadshow
We had a fantastic time meeting so many different animals from around the world. We were so brave holding them and talking about how they feel, move and look. We learnt so many facts to tell Mrs Aitken. What an amazing 'Wriggly' morning!