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Computing at Benhall

At Benhall Infant School we believe that every child should have access to a range of IT resources and we are working hard to ensure that this is regularly updated to prepare the children for the world of technology.  We understand our responsibility for keeping children safe online and ensure that they learn how to keep themselves and others safe.

Key features of effective computing teaching

We understand that children need the opportunity to explore a variety of technology for a range of purposes .  Technology is an important part of our continuous provision and the children use it daily to support their learning.  This includes research and recording what they know.

The key principles of effective computing teaching includes:

  • Ensuring that the children can make their own choices about what they are going to use for the activity they are working on.
  • Ensuring that children are aware of the dangers of working online and how they can keep themselves safe.
  • maintaining pace of learning
  • Continuous teacher assessment through objective led planning
  • Invites visitors to share their experiences of Computing in the wider community
  • early identification of children at risk of falling behind, linked to the provision of effective interventions. 

How we teach Computing

  • At Pre-School, children are encouraged to use cameras, ipads, interactive whiteboards and lightboards.  Children are supervised using this equipment by adults so they can ensure they are using it safely and can teach a range of early computing skills.
  • In reception, Computing provision responds to the children’s interests and experiences.  Teachers reinforce their knowledge and skills through teacher inputs.  Teachers teach the children the skills they need to independently access the resources in the classroom and shared areas.
  • DT inputs last between 10 and 20 minutes and teachers use KAPOW to deliver the learning.
  • Provision activities, paired with objective led planning, facilitate opportunities for children to rehearse what they have learned.  Teachers use these provision tasks to assess children against the learning objective – adding scaffolding to support or challenge.

Computing at Benhall.

The child’s progression as an Information Technician:

When I leave Benhall Infant School, at the end of KS1, I will be an information technician who:

  • Understands that they have a responsibility to stay safe online
  • Confidently uses a range of IT for purpose
  • Can spot problems and come up with a solution