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Welcome to our Benhall Infant

& Pre-School Family

Our unique learning environments are exceptional!

Benhall Infant and Pre-school is a unique, oversubscribed, creative, and inclusive mainstream infant school and preschool that prides itself on the way purple learning (embracing challenge, persisting, seeing effort as the key, and celebrating others) is threaded through all aspects of our environment, creating something special for children who love to lead their learning.

Our school is a place that makes you feel at home.   Like at home, someone always holds a hand, wipes away tears, or smiles and says well done.   We are proud of our inclusive environment within the local community, where all our children can flourish, and Purple Learning is evident in everything we do.  Our incredible staff utilise their skills to enable the children to recognise their true potential and talents.  All of our team understand the privilege it is to work with this age group as they begin their journey through education to become independent learners with a thirst for new knowledge and skills.

Our skillful and enthusiastic team is committed to excellence and enjoyment, and our headteacher leads a dedicated, experienced leadership team. A knowledgeable Governing Body ensures the school is the best it can be through challenge and support.  As a result, our school fosters an enthusiasm for learning that remains throughout life.  We equip our children with the emotional, social, physical, and cognitive skills they need to be happy and successful. Seeing our children embracing and persisting in their learning challenges while happily celebrating others’ successes makes Benhall Infant and Preschool an extraordinary place.

Our children are happy, creative, independent, respectful, and inspired. There is a strong team  across the school and preschool who work together exceptionally well to benefit the children and the broad community the school is proud to serve. Our children’s needs are at the heart of decision-making, and this ensures that all children make excellent progress from their starting points and are supported to develop a vital moral purpose.

We are an inclusive school that will always go the extra mile for every pupil.  Parents of children with additional needs choose our school because of our inclusive curriculum and environment.   That is why we feel we do an exceptional job for our fantastic pupils – of all backgrounds and abilities!

We aim to be a school of high aspirations, providing our children with the most elevated quality foundations in learning and encouraging their enthusiasm as life-long learners.  Our school is where positive relationships thrive, effort and success are celebrated, and all are committed to giving their best.   

When our children leave Benhall Infant School, they are enthusiastic, confident children inspired to achieve and celebrate success, children who are free to laugh and enjoy their education and future.  Our children are inspirational - They inspire us daily!

We believe curiosity and creativity are paramount in supporting our children to become independent, self-motivated, and engaged learners. Equally, we encourage our children to be resilient – to persevere and face any challenge they may encounter. Most of all, we cherish the children at this school because we recognise that they are all unique individuals. Every child in this school is on their learning pathway to ultimately.

‘be the best they can be.’

We are a unique school with magnificent children and first-class staff. We hope when looking through our website, you can see this too! 

Join our school as a member of your family, and become a member of our family too!

Nicky Morris, Headteacher and the Benhall Family 

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