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Benhall Infant and Pre-School recognise that certain groups in society have historically been disadvantaged because of unlawful discrimination they have faced due to their race, sex, disability, gender reassignment, marriage/civil partnership, religion/belief, sexual orientation or age.

At Benhall, we will ensure that we put in place a range of actions to eliminate prejudice, unlawful discrimination and victimisation within the school community and workforce.

The school is committed to promoting the welfare and equality of all its staff, pupils and other members of the school community. To achieve this, the school has established the following key objectives:

Objective 1: We will strive to achieve equality of opportunity for all adults and children in school regardless of disability, age, gender, pregnancy and maternity, gender reassignment, race, religion, belief or sexual orientation.

Objective 2: We will educate about discrimination and prejudice and promote a harmonious environment.

Objective 3: We will appoint staff fairly.

Objective 4: We will ensure that all school communications and publications promote equality and that resources used in school combat any form of discrimination.

In order to meet our objectives, the school has identified the following priorities:

Objective 1: Ensuring our vision and values, termly themes, promotion of purple learning characteristics and daily provision and practice reflect equality of opportunity regardless of protected characteristics.

Objective 2: Ensuring our curriculum rationale and design includes rich opportunities to educate our pupils about discrimination and prejudice. Promotion of a harmonious environment through our curriculum planning, daily teaching and use of high quality teaching materials and resources which represent equality of opportunity for all, regardless of protected characteristics.

Objective 3: Continue to ensure staff are appointed fairly, whilst also being mindful of creating a balance in the representation of staff from black and minority ethnic communities and male staff.

Objective 4: Ensure that all school communications and publications promote equality for all.  Ensure that curriculum resources and materials do not portray specific protected characteristics negatively and therefore combat any form of discrimination. A specific focus will be placed upon the reading materials used throughout the school (both reading scheme books and curriculum texts).