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Nigel Our School Dog


Nigel can't wait to meet you!
Nigel the school dog joined us in October 2020.  He is a Golden Retriever.  He started being trained by the Guide Dogs Association, but unfortunately they were unable to send him to a family as he loves playing with sticks and emptying bags too much.  Mrs Wintle who works in the school office, decided to give Nigel a loving home; he is very happy living with Mrs Wintle and her family and has a new friend in their other dog Inka.
The decision to allow Nigel into school has been made follow extensive research, discussion with other schools that already have a school dog and approval of the Governing Body and Gloucestershire County Council.  A full risk assessment has been completed which is available on our website.
Nigel is covered under the school's public liability insurance.  Nigel regularly goes to vet for yearly vaccinations, flea and worm treatments.
When Nigel comes into school he has a special place in the office with Mrs Wintle and Mrs Evans.  They have a dog gate into the office to make sure Nigel stays safe.   The children will only be able to interact with him under strict supervision and only if parents have given permission.  When Nigel moves around school he is on a short lead and always with a trusted adult.  During this time in school he loves to join the children in the Forest School area on the field.  He likes to listen to individual children or small groups of children read their books to him and is always available for a stroke when children need a bit of special time.  Nigel loves to visit the children in the Pre-School.
We understand that some children are fearful of dogs and with parental permission, over a period of time, these can be supported in approaching, handling and in gaining the confidence to manage their fears.
We have researched and see many benefits of having a school dog.
Dogs teach children about responsibility - by children having to remember to feed and give water to the dog it can give them a sense of importance and satisfaction that they may not get from other responsibilities.
Dogs teach children about socialisation - by the children learning how to interact with a dog they can better learn how to socialise with other children.
Dogs are fun - They greet you with a wagging tail every day and put a smile on your face, even on a bad day.