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Purple Learning

Our teachers love to teach ‘our curriculum’ igniting a passion for learning new skills and acquiring new knowledge.   At Benhall, the teachers go even further than teaching the curriculum because they want our children to know that learning is an exciting journey that won’t end when we leave the classroom.  When you visit our school, you will see that ‘Purple Learning’ is the thread that runs throughout, whether our children are listening to a story in pre-school, building a den in forest school, making new friends in Reception, learning a new maths concept in year one, setting up a scientific enquiry in year 2 – the list is endless.  Our teachers know that:

  • The more our children understand about learning the more exciting it gets. 
  • The better we get at thinking the more our children enjoy taking on a challenge. 
  • The harder our children try the prouder they feel.

So, they remind our children of how they can become effective purple learners in school and when they are at home, in their communities or moving on to new schools.

Purple Learning


  • I can celebrate others
  • I can learn from feedback
  • I understand that effort is the key to success
  • I can embrace challenges
  • I can persevere



As purple learners our children will develop a growth mindset so that they face challenges with resilience, they persevere when they are frustrated, understand that mistakes are marvellous because they help us to learn, they drive their own learning and know that effort is the key to success.  With a growth mindset they will be inspired by others success, improve in things they find more challenging and always challenge themselves rather than take the easiest route.