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At Benhall Infant and Pre-School we work hard to ensure our children can achieve, believe, care and dream.  This vision of course extends to our high aspirations for pupils who have been identified as having SEND.   

The SEND Team

SENDCo - Miss Hazel Everett -

SENDCo Assistant - Mrs Sarah Stevens

Teachers - Amber Pates, Charlie Aiken, Fiona Norman, Hannah Pain, Mel Mason, Rebecca Bilton, Lauren Boakes, Marie Skelton,  Hannah Spence, Nicky Morris

Teaching Partners -  Jo Cichocka, Louise Gowing, Lisa Wisdom, Callum Johns,  Gina Newman, Pauline Nugent, Gayle Seyers

Governor - 

What happens if my child has special educational needs?

The school works within the graduated response which puts the child and their family at the centre of all we do.    If your child has been identified as having a disability or special educational need prior to joining our school our SENDCo will contact you to arrange a meeting.  This will ensure that the school can plan the transition to meet the individual needs of your child.  If the school identifies gaps in your child's learning they will be monitored and assessed by the class teacher in the first instance.  If the gaps cannot be closed by differentiating the curriculum the class teacher will ask the SENDCo for further assessment and advice.  Following school based interventions (delivered both in the classroom and in small groups) it may be necessary to ask for further advice and assessment from outside agencies including Educational Psychology, The Advisory Teaching Service, Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS), Speech and Language Therapy, Physiotherapy and or Occupational Therapy.  At all stages of this identification process the class teacher and SENDCo will maintain an open dialogue with parents and permission will be sought for each external referral. 

The assessment, plan, do, review (APDR) cycle runs on a termly basis through 'My Plan' meetings. 

Assessment - This begins with in school assessments as part of the whole school pupil progress process.  During further cycles assessment from external agencies may be used.

Plan - The parents, teacher, SENDCo and where appropriate child meet to set targets for the coming term.  This includes who will support the child at each stage of the plan, ensuring all members of your child's team understand and fulfil their responsibilities.

Do - There is a period of time when your child will be involved in interventions and programmes that meet their identified needs.  These may require your child to take part in one to one or small group activities outside the classroom. 

Review - The parents, teacher, SENDCo and where appropriate the child meet to discuss how the 'do' part of the cycle has progressed and it's impact on narrowing the gaps.  At this point there may be a need to renew the APDR cycle with a new plan.

What should I do if I have concerns about my child?

Your child's teacher will be able to answer questions relating to your child's wellbeing and / or progress in the classroom. 

If you require more information you can book a meeting with the SENDCo.  

Between these scheduled appointments, the SENDCo can be contacted via the school office or the email address above.

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